Relaxation & Restoration



For those seeking relaxation and restoration, we are happy to book a massage for you with a local therapist or esthetician. Our practitioners will delight you with signature skin, hair, and body treatments.

Add essential oils to your massage for $10 and choose from Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint and Citrus.

Madison River Rock

Hot Stone
60 min: $100 | 90 min: $130

Smooth, warmed river rocks and your choice of aromatherapy oils are massaged over tired muscles to encourage relaxation and serenity.

Sacajawea Signature

Swedish Massage
60 min: $90 | 90 min: $115

This signature service is created by your therapist according to your needs and preferences and incorporates your choice of aromatherapy oil.

Sacajawea Therapeutic

Swedish Massage
60 min: $110 | 90 min: $135

This treatment is a deep tissue massage, focusing on specific muscles. The treatment is created by your therapist according to your needs and preferences and incorporates your choice of aromatherapy oil.

Pregnancy Massage

Hot Stone
60 min: $110

A nurturing body massage for the mother-to-be who deserves special attention. The therapists use specific side lying techniques helping to relieve stress on weight-bearing joints, increasing circulation and alleviating tired muscles.


Facials, Waxing, Brows and More

Customized Facial


60 minutes customized to your skins specific needs. Will include questions about your skincare routine & regimen, current medications and lifestyle.

Mini Facial


The mini version of a full facial. No extra "fluff." One specific goal. (i.e. extractions, pigment lightening, 30 min relaxation session) 

Customized Peel


Best done in 3's.  3 weeks apart. 

Luxury Facial


Includes scalp massage or Jade comb with Prakash Hair Oil, Hand & Arm massage in addition to all the bells and whistles of a customized facial.

Steam Add-on


Add steam to your facial for an ultimate relaxation experience.

High Frequency Add-on


High frequency is a form of electricity that kills bacteria (in the case of acne) and promotes circulation/oxygenation (anti-aging)

Lash Lift


Like a perm for your lashes! Tint included.

Lash Tint


Brown, Deep black, blue black, or violet. Lasts 4-6 weeks.

Lash Fill


60 minutes

Full Set Volume Lashes


180 min

Lash Extension Removal


Not happy with your lashes or need a break? I can remove them with a gel remover.

Brow Wax & Tint


Brow shaping with a choice of tint to darken the brows one shade or more.

Body Wrap


This includes a body scrub/mask and thermal wrapping for a thorough detox and relaxation.

Body Scrub


Includes dry brushing for lymph stimulation, scrub of your choice for exfoliation, finished with light oil massage.

Brow Shaping


Shaping & tweezing with soft wax.

Brow & Lip Wax or Sugar


Ear Hair Removal


Around and inside the ear.

Beard Line Up


Cheek wax, neck clean up.

Brazilian Wax (female)


First time or more than 5 weeks since last wax.

Extended Bikini


More than a Bikini Wax, less than a Brazilian.

Half Leg Wax or Sugar


Toes to above the knee.

Full Leg Wax or Sugar


From toes to hip.

Back Wax or Sugar


Nape of neck to hips.

Underarm Wax or Sugar


Neck Wax


Neck hair removal ear to ear line up.

Nose Wax






Brown, Lip, and Chin


Chest/Abdominal Wax


(Wax or Sugar)

Chest Wax


(Wax or Sugar)

Happier Trail Wax


(Wax or Sugar)

Bikini Wax


(Wax or Sugar)

Full Face Wax


(Wax or Sugar)

Peach Smoothie


Back Treatment


Mini Lash Fill


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